Welcome to Cheviot Value Management

Established in 1985, Cheviot Value Management’s mission is to provide our clients with financial peace of mind.

We manage personalized investment portfolios for individuals, retirement plans, and charitable foundations according to the time-tested principles of value investing.

Included within our investment management services is ongoing consultation regarding retirement planning, estate planning, education funding, tax strategies, insurance coverage, cash flow analyses, philanthropy and legacy planning and numerous other areas of financial importance.

You should not speculate with your financial well-being.

Our firm’s investment objectives are to protect and increase our clients’ wealth. To that end we observe scrupulously Warren Buffett’s first two rules of investing:

Rule Number One : Don’t lose money.
Rule Number Two : Don’t forget rule number one.

We are proud of both our ability to create financial solutions that meet the unique objectives of our clients and our steadfast commitment to operating with integrityCheviot Value Management is a completely independent financial advisory firm.

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