In the Media

  • Gold Left Some Big Investors in the Dust

    Darren C. Pollock, together with some of this country’s most successful investors – including George Soros, Seth Klarman, and David Einhorn – highlight what they perceive to be an improving landscape for companies in the gold mining industry. Read more

  • The Trader

    Darren C. Pollock explains what makes for a good business – a company with a durable competitive advantage selling a necessary product with sustainable and growing free cash flows. Additionally, he suggests that its shares might be a bargain. Read more

  • Stocks – and Everything Else – Take a Big Fall

    Darren C. Pollock offers some advice on what to do during turbulent times in the stock market: prepare for possible investment opportunities. Read more

  • Why Darren Pollock Loves Stocks You Hate [video]

    Darren C. Pollock in this video interview is bullish on large, high quality U.S. companies and talks about the “Great Dilemma” faced by the Federal Reserve. Read more

  • Market Madness: What Happened, What’s Next

    Darren C. Pollock believes that the best investors remain calm when others panic. During this turbulent period for the stock market, he cites one company that has withstood numerous market cycles over many decades and might currently be undervalued. Read more

  • Some Warnings About MLPs

    Darren C. Pollock warns yield-hungry investors that the hot performance of master limited partnerships could cool off in the near term. Read more

  • 10 for the Money

    Darren C. Pollock, in this Barron’s cover story, suggests an investment that could provide outsized dividend income plus capital appreciation. Read more

  • Designed to Deceive

    An equity-indexed annuity is an insurance-company product that’s marketed as a way to lock in stock-market gains when the market is rising, while protecting principal against losses when the market is falling. What could be better than that? Read more

  • Up and Down Wall Street

    Darren C. Pollock, whom Barron’s refers to as having “a seasoned investment eye,” mentions that the shares of a particular industry titan may be undervalued. Read more

  • Tax-Shelter Tango: Keep Your IRA

    Over the past decade, assets held in variable annuity contracts have increased rapidly, to more than $900 billion — due to a combination of deceptively clever marketing and the sales efforts of agents motivated by high commissions. Read more

  • Irrational Exuberance Moves Home

    Darren C. Pollock, amidst euphoria for all things housing, warns readers of the dangers beginning to surface in the residential real estate market. Read more

  • Up and Down Wall Street

    Darren C. Pollock, in describing how home prices could decline, provides “an antidote” to Alan Greenspan’s oft-proclaimed assumption that the residential market is healthy. Read more