In the Media

  • 10 for the Money

    Darren C. Pollock, in this Barron’s cover story, suggests an investment that could provide outsized dividend income plus capital appreciation. Read more

  • Designed to Deceive

    An equity-indexed annuity is an insurance-company product that’s marketed as a way to lock in stock-market gains when the market is rising, while protecting principal against losses when the market is falling. What could be better than that? Read more

  • Up and Down Wall Street

    Darren C. Pollock, whom Barron’s refers to as having “a seasoned investment eye,” mentions that the shares of a particular industry titan may be undervalued. Read more

  • Tax-Shelter Tango: Keep Your IRA

    Over the past decade, assets held in variable annuity contracts have increased rapidly, to more than $900 billion — due to a combination of deceptively clever marketing and the sales efforts of agents motivated by high commissions. Read more

  • Irrational Exuberance Moves Home

    Darren C. Pollock, amidst euphoria for all things housing, warns readers of the dangers beginning to surface in the residential real estate market. Read more

  • Up and Down Wall Street

    Darren C. Pollock, in describing how home prices could decline, provides “an antidote” to Alan Greenspan’s oft-proclaimed assumption that the residential market is healthy. Read more