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  • The Passing of Charlie Munger

    Charlie Munger is best known for being Warren Buffett’s partner in managing Berkshire Hathaway to great success during the past five decades. Those in the field of law know him as the founder of the Los Angeles-based firm Munger Tolles … Read more

  • Words of Wisdom from an Investing Legend

    Charlie Munger today is nearly 98 years young and throughout his lifetime earned a reputation for being one of the most intelligent investors, attorneys, and philanthropists of the last hundred years. (For more on Munger, see our summary of the … Read more

  • Fred Marks, Our Founder

    FRED MARKS: IN LOVING MEMORY It saddens us to deliver the news that on December 25, 2020, 10 days shy of his 88th birthday, Cheviot’s founder and our dear friend, Fred Marks, passed away at his home in McKinleyville, California. … Read more

  • Darren Sits Down with Charlie Munger

    Our Darren Pollock relays pearls of wisdom from his time spent with the man whom Warren Buffett says is the modern-day embodiment of Benjamin Franklin. Read more

  • The Life of Kahn: 109 Years of Wisdom

    Irving Kahn was a professional investor for 88 years and worked until just months before dying in 2015 at the age of 109. His wisdom remains relevant today. Read more

  • When Charlie Munger Speaks…

    Known for being Warren Buffett’s partner in managing Berkshire Hathaway, Charlie Munger shares some of his vast wisdom with us. Read more

  • Warren’s Words of Wisdom

    Warren Buffett shares valuable insights about how to view investments in stocks. Read more